Song and Sermon for June 24th 2018

I know I already warned you there'd be no post for last week, we had a guest, a pianist, singer and songwriter and it was a good time. This week though we do have a song and sermon, the song, by a trio is In the Garden and the sermon, even though Father's Day was the 17th is titled God Chose a Father for His Son. God Bless and Hope You Enjoy

Song and Sermon for Jue 10th 2018

The song for this week, again by a quartet is I'll Fly Away and the sermon is titled I Urge You. Also, wanted to let you know that there'll be No Song or Sermon posted next week, sorry :( we're having a guest for Father's Day; pianist, singer and songwriter Ron Elrod. God Bless and have a Great Father's Day!

Song and Sermon for May 20th 2018

The recording didn't turn out the best this week, sorry, thought about not even posting it but at least you can pretty well understand and hear everything. So, the song this week, by a quartet is Whispering Hope and the sermon is titled Good Things Come in Small Packages. Enjoy, or at least please try too.

Sermon for April 22nd 2018

The sermon for this week, which was actually supposed to have been used last week but we had to cancel due to snow and ice, the point being is that last Sunday the 15th was the 106th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and the sermon is titled Lessons from the Titanic. Sorry there's no song but I hope you enjoy.