Songs and Sermon for December 30th 2018

As you might’ve noticed from above, we have two songs this week. The first is a short one by our pianist’s granddaughter; missed part of it, sorry; it’s O Come, O Come Emmanuel and the other, by our choir is We Three Kings. The sermon for this final Sunday of 2018 is Now What? God Bless and Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

Song and Sermon for December 16th 2018

First, let me apologize for the poor quality of the recording; I haven’t been able to quite figure out why some weeks it barely picks up any sound at all which causes me to have to amplify what’s there so it can be heard. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out. Anyways, sorry! The song for this week, by a trio is Angels We Have Heard on High and the sermon is titled Hope Is Not Lost. God Bless - Enjoy - and Remember, The True Light Has Come.

Song for November 25th 2018

Well, unlike many weeks where there’s no song, this time it’s the reverse and there’s no sermon. That’s not exactly true, I did a sermon but it just didn’t come out at all on the recording, even after I tried to doctor it up. So, the song for this week is O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Enjoy

Sermon for November 11th 2018

First, sorry there’s no sermon for this week, started up the recorder Sunday and the batteries were dead and none were close by. Anyways, at least I got them in time for the sermon which for this Veteran’s Day is simply titled Veteran’s. God Bless - Enjoy - and Please, Take a Moment to Thank and Pray for All Our Veteran’s and All Our Service Men and Women.

Song and Sermon for October 28th 2018

The song for this week, by a quartet is one we’ve done before, it’s another oldie but goodie, it’s Teach Me to Pray and the sermon is about someone in the Bible that, even for those who don’t go to church know the story or at least part of it; it’s titled One Righteous Man. God Bless and Please, Get Out There and Enjoy What’s Left of Fall, Snow will be here Before You Know It!

Song and Sermon for October 14th 2018

I’m sorry to say that the recording for this week turned out pretty bad, at first I didn’t think there was going to be anything I could do but I was able to get it to where you can hear it. Anyways, the song for this week is Wonderful Words of Life and the sermon is titled Finding Grace. Again, sorry about the recording and by the way, there won’t be one for next week - God Bless!